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We provide the following fire safety services compliant to Australian Standard AS3745:2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities:

Course: Fire Safety Awareness Training for Staff
45 minutes to 1 hour duration
Annual Requirement
We come to your workplace and train your staff to respond to a fire emergency if it were to happen.

Each participant receives:
  • The statutory information that will ensure your staff can respond safely in an emergency, know how to contact emergency services, operate a fire extinguisher and to evacuate safely

  • Practical hands on learning on how to extinguish a controlled fire using real extinguishers onto a gas fire training simulator that is safely operated by our fire safety trainer

  • A certificate of participation for undertaking training in compliance with the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulation

Our training lesson can accommodate up to 15 people per session, but if your workplace has a few extras we can work something out to help you.

Our trainers are certified Workplace Trainer and Assesors and Workplace Safety Officers who deliver the training in a way so the safety of your staff is maintained.

Using a fire extinguisher is part of the workplace emergency procedures which have to be practiced annually.

Course: Fire Safety Awareness Training for Fire Wardens
1.5 to 2 hours duration
Six Monthly Requirement
This course trains staff members who have been selected by their employer to become Fire Wardens who coordinate evacuations in the workplace.

As per the national training standards, Fire Wardens receive training in the following:
  • Respond to emergency reports, signals and warnings

  • Initiate and control initial emergency response

  • Anticipate the further development of emergencies

  • Assist with post initial response

  • Identifying firefighting equipment and its operation

  • Record keeping requirements

  • Emergency Preparation

  • Warden Identification and hierarchy
Each Fire Warden receives a guide book containing the statutory information to assist them in their role and evacuation exercise templates to guide them.

At the conclusion of the training we conduct an evacuation exercise involving the Fire Wardens and any or all staff at your workplace as it is a requirement to demonstrate the learned information.

Upon being deemed competent each Fire Warden receives a Certificate of Participation in training in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

Course: Emergency Plan, Design and Implementation
All businesses have a duty to prepare, maintain and implement an emergency plan. [Work Health and Safety Regulation Clause 43]

Our staff can meet with your business managers to form a planning committee to design and implement your workplace emergency procedures in accordance with the WHS legislation and guided by the Australian Standards.

Course: Evacuation Exercises
Fire Wardens – every 6 months
Staff – every 12 months
Fire Wardens shall participate in evacuation exercises every 6 months and staff participation to not exceed 12 months.

MFire can visit your business to assist you with the skills retention training of your Fire Wardens and staff.

For this we provide:
  • Assistance through facilitating Fire Warden briefings/debriefings to discuss the exercise

  • Discussion and assistance to Fire Wardens to determine if current Workplace Emergency Procedures need to be modified

  • Observation of Fire Warden and Staff during the evacuation exercise and reporting times

  • Report to Fire Wardens and or PCBU regarding exercise with recommendations for improvement if necessary

The purpose of evacuation exercises is to practice the skills learnt through training. It is a test of the system to determine if it is relevant and functional.

The evacuation exercise is conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard AS3745:2010. Upon completion of the exercise the PCBU will receive a Certificate of Providing Training in accordance with this Standard.

Course: Fire Safety Auditing
The employer must undertake measures to identify, assess and remove foreseeable risks in the workplace. Fire Safety Auditing provides a comprehensive report detailing the foreseeable risks.

The auditing reports on:
  • Access to and Egress from the workplace

  • Installation and servicing of firefighting equipment

  • Installation and servicing of fire rated doors and frames

  • Record keeping requirements

  • Identifying hazards and risks

Our Equipment:

MFire operates gas fuelled fire extinguisher simulators that are purpose built for fire training and fitted with safety control switches that isolate the machine if released.

Petrol is a toxic hydrocarbon and when burnt exposes all people nearby to carcinogenic gases and burning it is a breach of the WHS Act and Regulations.

MFire only uses gas fuelled extinguisher trainers which do not expose your staff to any toxic or carcinogenic gases.

MFire practices safe working methods, we can provide to you our Safe Work Method Statements for each training service we provide.

Contact Martyn O'Connell on 0455 124 680 to discuss your requirements