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MFire Workplace Fire Safety: Providing simple, easy to follow fire safety advice and training, to help your business or organisation meet its WHS obligations.
Why provide fire training at your workplace?
  • Each person conducting a business or an undertaking is legally required under the Work Health and Safety Act to provide fire training and safety information to their staff and other people

  • One in three businesses will not reopen following a fire that’s resulted in serious property loss – regardless of how much insurance cover they had

  • The Fire Brigade may not be readily available to respond to your business, they could be at other fires, their replacement fire brigades could be twice to three times as far away than they usually are

  • The average cost to a business following a fire can exceed $70,000

Our Training Services
  • Emergency Plan development and review

  • Fire Safety Awareness for Staff

  • Fire Safety Awareness for Emergency Control Organisation (Fire Wardens)

  • Fire Safety Advice and Auditing

  • Emergency Response Exercise
    (Note: This requirement is AS1851:2012, 14.4.2, 1.7)

Contact Martyn O'Connell on 0455 124 680 to discuss your requirements